Crypto Referral

DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. has decided to partner with to offer a referral link:

Referral code: 58jq9q7s8m

In order to receive your $25 reward you must sign up for the red card and stake a minimum of $400 in CRO with a USA debit card.

If you sign up for the $4,000-3% back- Green or Purple Card you will be paid residual WEEKLY coin every 7 days can can be converted to US dollars.


$0-1% back-Blue card (not recommended)
$400- 2% back- Red card (recommended)
$4,000-3% back- Green/Purple Card (highly recommended)

Exclusive membership:
$40,000-5% back- Silver/Rose
$400,000-8% back Black (Obsidian)